Fashion Trends For Men

Fashion Trends For MenMen’s fashion in the 2016 is now as indefinable as women’s fashion has been for the past few years. Gone are the days when men couldn’t look fashionable with those uninteresting shirts and mundane trousers. Looking good is not only a woman’s privilege. Each year, trends for men’s fashion are predicted, but hardly have they followed any fashion trends. Hence, they escape stylish clothing.

Even if they go for shopping their last option would be on safe shirt and predictable trousers. For younger males, hip hop culture has highlighted many trends for men’s fashion, while older males are increasingly aware of tailoring, and making a garment fit right for their body shape, rather than going with the fashion trend.

Trends for men have always been a tricky issue. You need to make a statement, and yet not overdo it. For the men who want to get started with this voguish experiment, this year is not a year to go too bold with colors, whereas shades of blue and black are set to rule. Denims continue to rule 2014 and printed shirts and jackets will also be a hit. You can set your mood to make yourself look different from the crowd with slim, narrow trend with slush of colors.

An exclusive printed jacket with layering and a good amount of texturing on the fabric with fine yet visible detailing will look great. Printed jackets can be highlighted with Kalamkari work. The trend of printed jackets and slim pants is the future of fashion and the new age man replaces cargos with slimmer pants and includes more linen jackets in their wardrobe. You can even pair up your jackets with slim fitting blue denims which are completely classic, timeless and are one of the most resourceful pieces you’ll ever own.

It is easy to dress oneself with the slimmer cut ensuring sharper lines and a better shape. Indigo jeans works with almost any look you can think of and will never be out of fashion, so it’s worth investing good money in self finished fabrics, which is of a higher quality and is almost guaranteed to last longer. Basic knitwear will be an essential component of your layering this season, and you’ll be wearing it a lot.

These staple colors allow you to play around with bolder shades within the rest of your ensemble and the mid-weight ensures that they sit on the casual side of the spectrum, which is much more suitable when you’re just starting out. When it comes to suits, double breasted blazers are in fashion, so for people who like slim fits, new styles have come up to give a try. Wider legged pants are replacing the slim cut trousers which were a trend last year.

For those who like sweatshirts can try out ones with interesting prints or patterns, which are big and has graphic designs. Short sleeved shirts are also back in fashion. Also you can let go the traditional outfit and opt for well-fitted kurtas, bandgalas in simple designs. Sports coats, camouflage prints and army themes are very much in vogue at international fashion shows nowadays. Also, golf pants and shorts are hitting the trend. Few years back golfing attire was very simple and elegant, and aimed at comfort but trends change with time. Golfing attires have become funkier and can team up with cloth-button shirts. They look casual and less sporty.

Best Fashion Tips The Only Style Advice You will Ever Need

Fashion TipsWith a whole new year upon us, many will be thinking about how to revamp their wardrobe or look throughout 2013. But with so many bits of advice floating around the Internet, it can be hard to figure out what tips to focus on. Should you follow the trends or define your own sense of style? Is mending your clothes necessary or should you look to a tailor for help?

As a gift to you, our dear readers, we sifted through all of the stylish bits of advice on the web, talked to experts and pulled together some tips of our own to compile an all-mighty list of 50 fashion tips you can actually use this year. They’re practical (organize your jewellery) and easy to learn (get depilling your sweaters!).

This is an almost too-good-to-be true sartorial land mine. So cheers to 2016 — your best dressed year yet!

Know Thy Body

Know your measurements before you shop. Not only will it cut down the time you spend trying on clothes, it will help you choose outfits that fit your body perfectly. Among the most important body parts to measure are your bust, chest, hips and waist.

Know Thy Body: Know your measurements before you shop. Not only will it cut down the time you spend trying on clothes, it will help you choose outfits that fit your body perfectly. Among the most important body parts to measure are your bust, chest, hips and waist.

Don’t Go Too Tight Or Too Loose: Dressing for your size doesn’t just mean nixing clothes that are too tight from your wardrobe. It also means you shouldn’t wear clothes that are too baggy. Both will make you look frumpy.

Make Sure You Can Walk In Them: There are some occasions we’d sacrifice comfort for fashion. After all, four inch heels guarantee that legs-for-miles look. But if it looks better than it actually feels on your foot, you probably won’t wear it. Don’t waste your money (or endure the pain). Source:The Fashion Spot

Peek-A-Boo Isn’t Cute: Button down blouses are intended to do one thing and one thing alone — stay buttoned down. It looks sloppy if we can see what lies beneath your shirt.

Be A Lone Wolf: Shop solo. You’ll be able to concentrate more on hunting down exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll save a lot of time while you’re at it too. Source:In Style

Remove Lint: A lint roller is a must-have (cat lovers, you know what we’re talking about). Give your outfit a few quick swipes before heading out the door (don’t forget your back and behind your legs) to catch any unwanted hair and dust on your clothing.

The Power Of Peplum: Worried about your waist or hips? Try peplum for an instant slimming effect. It flatters every figure and does wonders at hiding unsightly bulge.

Try On Three Sizes, Not One: Shoe sizes vary among designers and brands. Start by trying on your usual shoe size, then try on one pair that’s a half-size smaller and a second pair that’s a half-size larger. When in doubt, buy the shoes that are a half-size larger. Source:The Fashion Spot

Know Your Colours: Know which colours will flatter you the most by figuring out if the undertones in your skin are either warm or cold. The experts at The Fashion Spot say women with cool undertones look best in white, black, gray, silver, and shades of blue. Women with warm undertones will be dazzling in shades of yellow, gold, brown, green and red. Source: The Fashion Spot

Organize Your Closet: Organize your closet. This way you’ll be able to see what you own (and actually wear it). Separate your clothes by garment. Figure out what what can be folded neatly and what needs to be hanged. Make sure you get the right hangers for shirts, skirts and pants. Use storage shelves to store your purses and intimates and buy a shoe rack. For more detailed instructions on how to tackle this task, check out what our friends at Lucky Magazine have to say. Source: Lucky Magazine

Double-Sided Tape Is A Dream Come True: Keep plunging necklines in place and prevent any fashion mishaps with this godsend. We double-swear by double-sided tape.

Invest In A Quality Iron: A quality iron is an absolute must to ensure you don’t damage your clothes. Get one with a range of settings that can conquer even the toughest wrinkles, but gentle enough to iron over delicate fabrics. Because there are so many irons out there, the folks at Real Simple have made it easier for you to decide on one that will meet your needs. Check out their list of the top 40 irons they tried.

Get Chic With An Ultra Cute Umbrella: Rain or shine, we are always trendy. Get yourself a colourful, knock-out umbrella that makes you stick out.

Work Out Stylishly: Come on, let’s be serious, the gym can be an intimidating place with so many buff, sweaty bods. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we never wore mascara before lacing up. But hitting the gym shouldn’t make you fret. It should make you feel good. Getting some trendy workout clothes that fit your body will make you feel more confident and encourage you to break a sweat.

Organize Your Jewelry: Store all your jewelry in a jewelry box. You’re less likely to lose them when they have a home. Not only will they be easier to find in one handy location, you’ll remember what you already own so you don’t buy pieces you don’t need. Your jewelry will also last much longer when it’s protected.

Alter Your Clothes: It’s important when you’re investing in articles of clothing that become staples, like blazers and pants, that you have them tailored. It will ensure your money is well-spent, will make the piece that much more special and will make you feel great every time you wear it. After all, it only fits you.

Help Boots Stand Tall With Wine: Wine bottles have another use — place them inside your boots to make them stand upright. Source: Real Simple

Know Your Neckline: Making note of what works for you and what doesn’t is key and neckline plays a huge roll in this. The neckline is the part that shows off your pretty face, so be sure to get it right.

Know Your Arch: Shoe shopping? Make sure you know your arch type. In an interview with the folks at The Fashion Spot, Erica Lynn Stanley, design director of …me Too shoes, said the best way to determine your arch is to step on a piece of paper after wetting the bottom of your foot. You can determine whether you have a normal, flat or high arch by examining your wet footprint. If the middle part of your footprint doesn’t show up, you have a high arch, but if you can see most of your footprint then you have a fairly flat arch. Your arch is normal if you see half of your wet footprint. Source:The Fashion Spot

Donate Clothes You’ll Never Wear: Stop hoarding. If you haven’t worn it recently, then you probably never will. To help decide if you should toss it or not, the experts at Apartment Therapy suggest you answer the following questions: Do you like cut, fabric and colour? Are you comfortable wearing it? Does it fit you now (no, not if you lose 3 inches off your waist in the next month)? Can any damages like stains or holes be fixed? Do you have more than one place to wear it? Can it be combined with other articles of clothing in your closet? When was the last time you wore it (if it’s been over a year, nix it)? Source: Apartment Therapy

Learn To Pack Lightly: Packing lightly is an art. Unless you’re walking a runway in Milan, you won’t need more than just a few key ensembles. The folks over at Apartment Therapy stick to this rule-of-thumb: If you’re going away for one week, pack three bottoms and 3 shirts per bottom. For two weeks pack five bottoms. For every dress you pack, you can lose a shirt and a bottom.

Nix The Change Purse: Change purses can be useful, but if yours rarely sees daylight, either because you don’t put change in it, or worse, never take change out of it (this is just dead weight), then it’s time to say goodbye.

Body Shapers: Thank goodness body shaping has evolved from Victorian waspies to Spanx (after all, we want you to be able to breathe). Body shapers are ideal for hiding excess bulge (who likes the sight of love handles or muffin tops?) and allows clothes to glide on smoothly.

LImit Accessories: We love accessories, but we have to draw the line somewhere. If you’re throwing yourself an arm party, then it might be better to steer clear of too many rings. If you’re wearing large earrings that scream for attention, then you might want to forgo an equally radiant necklace — they will only work against each other.

Purse Essentials: A purse isn’t just a fashion statement. It’s main purpose is functional. You carry it around wherever you go so it needs to contain some essentials: your wallet, a pen, pain killers, hand sanitizer, tissues, make-up essentials (we personally won’t leave the house without lip stick and/or lip balm), hand cream, gum or breath mints, tampons or maxi pads (no one wants to be caught off guard during that time of the month), and for those of you who spend lengthy bouts talking, texting or gaming, bring your phone charger along.

6 Timeless Fashion Tips to Make Your Old Clothes Look New This Fall

Best-looks-Fall-2016The summer is unofficially over after Labor Day and before you know it, the leaves will be turning brown. You know what that means — it’s soon time to break out the old sweaters.

If you hate the fact fall is just around the corner, here’s the good news — changing seasons doesn’t mean you have to tuck all your favorite summer clothes in the attic.

When Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat, the founders of Zady, stopped by “Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis” to announce their new sustainable clothing label that’s dedicated entirely to timeless fashion, ABC News asked them for timeless fashion tips to dress up your old sweater, and best of all, create fall looks with your beloved beach outfits.

Here’s a tip if you do plan to buy new pieces this season and want your clothes to last. It’s important to approach any purchase determining quality over quantity.

“If you’re going to look for clothing that can take you through the seasons, you need to make sure these items are made with quality production, otherwise that favorite skirt or dress from the summer won’t make it to the warm days next year,” Darabi told Real Biz.

Also, understand your body type, know what looks good on you and stick to the same style. Trends are constantly changing. Rather than trying to keep up with the Kardashians, you’re better off taking a page out of Kate Middleton’s playbook. The Duchess of Cambridge is known to repeat an outfit or two and she’s not afraid to wear the same pieces again and again because she knows what looks good on her.

But let’s be honest, most of us can’t splurge on a new wardrobe every season.

Here are six timeless fashion tips to turn your old clothes into new items for fall.


You can turn your sexy summer sundress into a hot fall fashion statement by simply wearing a pair of tights. If you want to make the look more modern try textured grey leggings.

But the outfit doesn’t stop here. “Add your favorite boots, a relaxed blazer, and one great accessory and effortlessly, you’ll be good to go in style,” Darabi said.


“We saw a lot of women, ourselves included, taking over-sized shirts and tying them at the waste with a pair of shorts or a full skirt,” Bédat said.

Here’s what you can do, pair your shirt with dark denim, an over-sized fall jacket and those same boots that you paired with the dress.

For extra style, push up the sleeves of the jacket to show off your favorite chunky bracelets.


This classic trend made a strong return later in the summer and it came back with a bang.

Take your favorite pair of ankle length skinny ripped jeans, or even your favorite boyfriend jeans, just cuffed a little bit, and tailor with your favorite black pumps, a collared blouse or shirt, and a perfectly fitted blazer. Instantly, this casual look is sharp for after-work cocktails.


Pair your tailored shorts with a pair of patterned tights, which are huge for fall this year, a slightly over-sized comfy sweater, an eye-catching necklace, and a great pair of boots— instantly fall appropriate.


A high-quality t-shirt is essential if you want to wear it year round.

Also comfort is key. Take a loose fitting t-shirt and tie a small knot at the waste to give form to the shirt.

To dress up your look, add a lightweight statement necklace or a wraparound scarf as you see in the picture above. Pair with your favorite relaxed fitting pants with sleek heels for nighttime or for a daytime look, wear a pair of flats.


Zady’s founders believe very strongly a sweater is something people can own forever. That’s why the very first item to be made in America for the launch of their private label is a women’s knit wool sweater.

“We’re launching our own line with what we hope to be the essential sweater, and then will expand to other products once we feel confident we have created an item for women to own over a lifetime,” Bédat said.

Here’s how you can make your old sweater feel new.

Layer a chunky scarf on top for a weekend casual look. Or add a statement necklace to give it a boost in the evening. If you are going for the more formal business look, try pairing your sweater with a skirt or layer with a collared shirt underneath.

Are you Beach-Ready?

What exactly does “beach ready” mean? We’ve all heard of the typical “beach body”, which basically refers to being considered toned enough for the beach. This is not what we will be discussing in this post, however. Instead, we will be looking into the little details of beach life that we need to prepare for. What happens when our makeup suddenly decides to drip off our faces? Below we are going to go over some of the best ways to prepare for the beach this summer:


Image Credit

Face Primer and Powder

There’s not much you can do about the blistering heat. However, if you use a face primer before applying your foundation and concealer, followed by a transparent setting powder, your makeup will stay on a lot longer. For extremely hot climates though, your best bet is to opt for a 24hr stay foundation. This will stay on your face despite humid temperatures and most are even transfer resistant. It’s a great option for the beach, just keep a powder handy to top up along the way.

Jeggings Instead of Jeans

Instead of bringing your trusted pair of jeans to the beach, choose a pair of leggings instead. It may even be too warm for even jeggings, but it’s handy to have a pair available in case the temperature drops. Women’s designer jeans from Cuba are more affordable than ever, they have a massive range to choose from and many options are perfect for the summer.

Stay Hydrated

It can be easy to let yourself get a bit dehydrated in warmer climates. You end up losing a lot of water through sweat, and if you are not replenishing that water, you will become dehydrated. According to the NHS, the most common symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, light-headedness, tiredness, headache, dry mouth, dry lips, dry eyes and passing only a few amounts of urine in the day. To avoid this problem, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Sun-cream and Hats

Protect your skin from the sun with help from a strong SPF sun cream. The most common areas of the body to experience sunburn include the arms, shoulders, legs and feet. It is also important to shield your scalp when you can. Wear a hat and try to stay in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali DressesHow Anarkali suits were first emerged?

Basically the history of Anarkali dresses is found in recent past during the Mughal times of Asia .The ladies used to wear frocks of different types and styles .From that time, the Anarkali frocks became very popular .And no one know this fact that how the names of those frocks became Anarkali frocks .Well the truth is these frocks were given the name of Anarkali frocks after the name of a very famous performer in the Mughal court whose name was Anarkali . 

Different styles of Anarkali Frocks:

Basically there are different types and designs of Anarkali suits which are as following .

  1. Umbrella styled Anarkali frock:

These frocks are very famous among young girls because these frocks are stitched in a way that they are tight in fitting from top till waist and then it opens like an umbrella till toe .

  1. Simple straight Anarkali frock:

These frocks are basically used in daily routine and can be in any fabric in which you feel comfortable .These are usually simply stitched and it consists of a simple straight frock having no Kaliyan at the sides or panel in the front .

  1. Anarkali suits for Brides:

These are very expensive as well as very much stylish Anarkali suits .These bridal Anarkali outfits consists of heavy embroidery work on it, so many embellishments are used on it and very much hard work is required to bring uniqueness and perfection in its styling and stitching .

On wedding occasion, wearing Anarkali outfits is very much common in India but now as the trend is becoming so much popular that’s why now Pakistani brides also love to wear such Anarkali outfits on their wedding day .

  1. Designer Anarkali Dresses:

The designer Anarkali outfits are basically very much expensive and thus many celebrities and models used to wear designer Anarkali dresses .They are available in all designer boutiques and anyone can get it from there .If someone wants custom designed dresses of their own choice then they have to pay a little bit extra money to the designer so that they may change the design for them .

4 Important Tax Changes For 2016

Most of us don’t enjoy looking at the amount of tax we pay on each paycheque. You work so hard all month for your salary package and then you realise that you’ll lose thousands in tax each year. However, we also understand the importance of paying tax. Even though it hurts our wage, we know it’s a system that makes public services, government and development possible.

The most annoying thing about taxes is of course paying them, but the amount of changes they go through can also be hard to keep up with. Tax rules change on a yearly basis at the minimum, 2016 being no exception, but some of those changes might benefit you slightly. To help you find out whether you’ll be better off this year, this article will briefly discuss some of the key changes which could result in your wallet being a little fuller.

Will you Benefit from Tax Changes?

Many changes to the tax system are so marginal that the benefits will only be slightly felt, or they may not apply to some people at all. However, even a little extra cash can go far, and this year’s tax changes might mean your wage looks a little more attractive.

  • Inheritance tax –Currently, the amount of inheritance tax you’ll pay is 40 percent on everything above £325,000 pounds. You can use this tool for calculating inheritance tax online. However, the government plans to introduce changes in 2017 that will effectively increase the tax-free threshold from £325,000 to £500,000 by the year 2021.
  • Tax-free personal allowance – You now don’t have to pay any tax on the first £11,000 you earn a year, an increase from the previous figure of £10,600. Additionally, that figure should rise to £11,500 when the 2017 tax year begins. Admittedly, you won’t notice too much difference on a monthly basis, but it’s a decent saving over the whole year.
  • The 40p tax threshold has increased – It used to be the case that you had to pay 40 percent tax on all annual earnings above £42,385, but that figure has now been raised to £43,000. In addition, the government plans to increase that figure again to £45,000 in 2017 and £50,000 by 2020.
  • Slightly improved marriage allowance –The marriage allowance rule is a little complicated, but it basically refers to how much money you can transfer to your wife or husband in order to reduce your tax bill. Previously, the figure you could transfer was £1,060 which has increased to £1,100 for 2016.

Many of the 2016 changes to the tax system have provided a financial benefit to both low and high earners. We might not love paying tax, and we might not find time to read the rules in detail, but it’s nice to know that the government is making changes that help further line our wallets. If all goes to plan, 2017 should see even more changes that mean you’ll take home more of your salary.

How to Have Your Best Holiday

Have you felt so bored with your daily life? Why do you feel so bored with your daily life? Well, we know that monotone daily activities will make us feel so bored in our daily life. Then, if we cannot make any variation for the activities, we will feel so stuck with our daily living. It means that we should try to have the variation of the activities. One of the easy ways that you can do in order to have the variation is traveling. Do you think that traveling is such a great idea to choose?

If you decide to have the traveling time, you need to prepare for any kinds of things. There are many kinds of things that you should prepare for having the great traveling. One of the important things that you should prepare for the holiday time is the destination where you are going to go. Then, make the itinerary and also buy the tickets and handle for the accommodation. Everything will run well if you plan it well too.

Sometimes, when you only go traveling alone since you are still single, you will feel so lonely. Do you feel so lonely if you have the traveling? Well, you do not need to be worried. There is no loneliness anymore. You can try to have the best lady that can help and accompany you to go wherever and whenever you want to go. If you are interested, you can try to visit in order to find out the further information about the special lady that can accompany you. You will never feel so lonely again when you are in the holiday time. There will be someone special that will accompany you always So far, are you interested to choose one of the lady? Good luck!


Ideas to Choosing the Ideal Hair Color

An individual knows that they genuinely should routine an scheduled appointment with the stylist for you to go with regard to that absolutely new color you might have been wanting for, however for straightforward treatments, it can tempting to be able to conserve money and also do your current own coloring at residence. But learning what color will be right intended for your skin area tone will be difficult – specifically along with all associated with the contour, blonde as well as, unexpectedly sufficient, even grey hair shade trends associated with the previous few decades. It’s quick to sense overwhelmed. Simply take the peek throughout this hair color advice and also you’ll easily see in which the possibilities are accessible when considering how to choose hair color.

While the particular old elegance rules may really utilize anymore, it is usually crucial for you to know the particular right cover from the sun of tresses color with regard to your precise skin sculpt. That won’t mean that will you can not do, state, blonde on darker skin, that just implies that inside order intended for it in order to look because flattering while it quite possibly can, an individual should select the warmness or perhaps greatness of typically the color relying on your own unique skin area tone. Within case if you’re next large question is usually, “Um, just what is this skin sculpt?” in this article are some sort of few fundamental tips via stylists which will assist you in order to zero inside on your own personal particular tone.

Wash your current face totally. In order to correctly figure out your own undertones, you’ll will need to entirely remove most traces regarding makeup which may always be changing the natural shade. Decide on a space that is well-lit. Due to the fact your skin area looks significantly different below different sorts of lighting, choose any room using a big window or perhaps other origin of normal light just before doing this particular test. Do the color analyze. Hold the shirt within a vivid shade regarding green or maybe blue towards your deal with, then consider it lower and keep up some sort of different t-shirt in the shade involving red or maybe yellow. In the event that your epidermis looks much better against the particular blue t-shirt, you probably have a cooler-toned shade.

Examine your current veins. In case you’re nonetheless unsure concerning your epidermis tone, appear at the particular veins throughout your hand wrist. People along with cool skin area tones possess blue or maybe purple blood vessels, while individuals with gratifying skin shades have green veins. Following you’ve determined it away for your self, you may move upon to typically the fun aspect -choosing the hair color for your skin tone.

Are Superga Shoes the Subsequent Era of Rubber-Soled Footwear?

Italian shoemaker problems packaging conferences by taking on a top to bottom gable-top deal that is similar to both the doctor’s handbag and the milk carton. Patented ticket design presents environmental strengths in Europe. Actually, superga sneakers offers every cause to very embrace history. After just about all the maker of rubber-soled along with casual sneakers began while a company of plastic tires for Fiat. Along with those have been bicycle wheels in advance of Fiat began to construct vehicles. This yr the business introduced any broader collection of shoes or boots packaged throughout an impressive new one-piece vertical package. It is usually cost-efficient resilient collapsible and stackable and the idea can easily become reused throughout the house or remade. It’s not necessarily only any design alter it’s likewise more protecting than the particular conventional shoe package.

To this particular extent, supergas earlier packages have been the regular paperboard containers that were being decorated together with multicolor making. Historically the actual old boot box has been made using a great grade regarding material along with it has been generally employed again. But above time less expensive materials have been used and also the power of the particular box encountered. Still their purpose has been new presentation that would likely distinguish their brand because the business sought to be able to extend it is products coming from natural rubber-soled athletic shoes or boots into everyday leisure footwear. The brand new design is actually also utilized for rubber-soled shoes or boots. No wrapping system ought to be recognized as the given.

Typically the designer’s task is to be able to look with regard to a brand-new perspective for you to question packing processes that will may get been unrevised for years to review solutions along with a refreshing eye as well as from any contemporary ethnical angle. This particular is the actual recipe with regard to creating wrapping as any ‘dynamic phrase of the actual brand. ‘ This bundle is centered on typically the geometry associated with a milk products or juices carton along with employs the actual snap launching device typical to doctors’ medical hand bags. The brand-new package will be fabricated via wet-strength paperboard the exact same material which is employed for multipacks for dark beer. It’s extremely durable as well as it allows the style colors effectively. They change the panel into the particular package brings the strange clasp with the leading and flat to be able to superga shoes regarding manual reloading.

Eventually the pressure-sensitive tag is located on 1 of the actual gable isn’t stable that features the pub code type size along with other required information. Just what permits typically the box in order to be transported flat is usually an interlocking base design and style that permits it in order to be flattened and established up very easily.

Grow Long, Glamorous Eyelashes with This Fantastic Product

Since the actual days of Cleopatra (and even no doubt, well before that, potentially going back almost as far as the true birth of time) females almost everywhere have instinctively comprehended the capability connected with acquiring heavy, prolonged, beautiful eyelashes. A downward sweep of the lovely eyes, and then all of a sudden other people are putty now in their hands, falling in love with them without even ever thinking they would achieve this. So, you can easily understand how earlier eye cosmetics came to be, eye shadow and even mascara, and it is definitely likewise straightforward to grasp the well-known aggravation and also disheartenment endured by girls that just appear to be not able to grow the same thick sexy eyelashes as their particular associates. It simply isn’t really fair!

Potentially more irritating, when possible will be the scenario of ladies that had stunning eye-lashes, yet that awakened one morning a handful of ages later on to all of a sudden realize that all of her gorgeous sexy eyelashes are certainly no more. It could virtually have truly been easier to not have had wonderful eyelashes, than to have had them and then lost them! Happily, there’s a easy to use product currently available named Idol Lash designed to reestablish the development of such a person’s lashes practically 100% of the time. Search the web to see Idol Lash Reviews as well as the recommendations of those who used this supplement with success.

Sustainable can be fashionable for brands

At the far end of the supply chain


‘Yes I’m very afraid,’ admits Moussa Doumbia. ‘Sometimes I can’t sleep.’ Moussa grows cotton as a cash crop in Mali. He lies awake at night wondering whether he will be able to afford medicine to treat the malaria of himself and his two youngest children, just three and five years old. The three tonnes of cotton Moussa produces gives him an annual income of $322 less than $1 a day.


‘The cotton price is not enough for farmers to cover our needs including school fees and health,’ he says.


So Moussa also farms corn, peanuts, beans and rice to feed his 10-member family. He breeds cattle, sheep and oxen which he sells in dire emergencies. He has to rely on occasional handouts from his two brothers who work abroad one in Cte dIvoire and the other in Spain. And still it’s not enough. “I don’t want my children to be cotton farmers,” he explains. “Because they will have no future.”


Sustainability starts with farmers

Cotton farmers are the invisible foundation of the fashion industry. Transparency and traceability are now key buzz words in the industry, yet companies rarely delve deep enough into their supply chains to have any direct involvement with the suppliers of this raw material.


But ignoring cotton farmers ignores the future of fashion. The downward pressure of the clothing supply chain and the obsession with cheap fast fashion comes at a cost not only to farmers but to the industry itself.


Much of global cotton supply is grown by 35-50 million small-scale cotton farmers in developing countries, many in least developed countries. Like Moussa, most live below the poverty line, vulnerable to low and fluctuating prices lower than their costs of production, dependent on ginners and middle men.


Cotton production in developing countries has a smaller environmental footprint and costs less. Most cotton cultivation in West Africa is rain-fed, giving it with a much lower water footprint than industrialized farming. Meanwhile, it costs only US$ 30 cents to produce a pound of cotton in Benin versus US$ 68 cents in the United States. Yet it is the cotton farmers in regions like West Africa and India who suffer the most from low global cotton prices and underinvestment.

Pickleball Is Really a Sport for Everybody

Created to be a diversion for children many years ago, the pickleball game is now a game that is rapidly growing throughout North America. The latest statistics show over 250,000 people within Canada and also the United States Of America participate in this sports activity, and it’s easy to understand why. It combines tennis, table tennis as well as badminton into a single fun match, and it’s really currently taking off all over the place. In reality, the sport is becoming so well liked that there’s talk of it becoming added to the Olympics inside the near future! Kids participate in it inside their physical education classes and older persons are utilizing this game to meet brand new men and women to make different pals. Hardly any equipment is needed to play in the match. A player should have perforated balls, a net and solid paddles and they are generally all set to go. Head over to wolfe sports to view a wide selection of pickleball paddles as well as other gear needed to play the sport. This is one sports activity everyone ought to take a look at, since people of all ages can engage in and it is loads of fun. With the help of this specific merchant, engaging in pickleball will not break the bank and also gamers can have the equipment they really want and demand coming from a friendly, family-owned company.

Here Is How to Acquire the Best Event Tickets for the Best Price

There is an art to obtaining the nicest of the available seats for a concert or athletic function without the need of having to pay an excessive amount of money. Naturally, at times folks wouldn’t normally mind carrying out that, if it happened to actually purchase them improved seats, however that is rarely the way it is. You can find about three major matters involved which usually an individual should think about while preparing to sign up for a sports occasion, concert, circus or something much along those lines. One, needless to say, could be the valuation on the seat tickets. Then, the next is the location of the seats, and the third is obtaining a block of seats that happen to be positioned in close proximity one to the other so that you plus your buddies may possibly enjoy the event together.

The ultimate way to attain these three things targets is to use a licensed alternative party ticket dealer, one using a good history, including Headline Tickets. Such individuals broker large event seat tickets all over the country and even can provide Cheap sports tickets plus Cheap concert tickets for tremendously cheaper charges. Furthermore they provide good quality seats at a far lower price, nonetheless they can also make sure that your complete party is able to sit collectively, regardless of whether the presentation in question is a major sport, a fabulous Broadway show, or another theater occasion.